Learn how to Write a Good Paragraph?

The easiest way to remember how to write a paragraph is to think about a sandwich. Learn how to write a good paragraph!

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A paragraph on a subject is a short piece of meaning composition. A paragraph is a complete unit in itself. It has a shape, format, and style of its own. It also indicate your degree of knowledge of the theme or subject under discussion.

In today’s English lesson, Jen’s Jyugyon will explain you to write basic paragraphs and how to write expanded paragraphs. You’ll learn several important steps for writing a paragraph, as well as receive extra writing tips to make your paragraphs even better.

She explains that writing a good paragraph is the same as making a delicious sandwich. The easiest way to remember how to write a paragraph is to think about a sandwich. A sandwich has three basic parts to it. It has a top piece of bread, ingredients in the middle, and a piece of bread at the bottom. This is the way a paragraph works as well.

The Video explain in details about writing a paragraph.

  • Steps for writing a Paragraph in English:
  • Think about the topic carefully + consider the question you need to answer
  • Write clear topic sentence
  • Brainstorm list of ideas
  • Choose best 3 or more ideas from list
  • Write a supporting sentence starting with a transition for each item chosen
  • For expanded paragraphs: write one or more detail sentence for each supporting sentence to give more information about that item
  • Write a strong conclusion starting with a transition

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